Scientific R&D

As the major enterprise in the domestic bulk cargo conveying equipment manufacturing industry, ourcompany established the technology center in 2005. The scientific R&D personnel accounts for 35% of all staff and the scientific and technical personnel with intermediate and senior professional titles account for 75%. Our company makes technical exchange with many scientific research institutes including Dalian University of Technology, Tianjin Cement Design Institute, Shaanxi Electric Power Design Institute, Beijing Steel and Iron Institute, Dalian Port Design Institute, etc. Since 2005, our company has kept up with the changes of market needs, and developed full-automatic intelligent stacker-reclaimers with four categories and 15 series by virtue of high technology including mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integration, advanced network control, etc. based on the absorption of the domestic and foreign advanced technology. Our products include the uniformity and conveying equipment for raw materials of cement production line with a daily production capacity of 1,000-12,000 tons. Now the stacker-reclaimers with the largest capacity in cement industry are designed and produced by our company. The whole technology level keeps up with the technology of the foreign advanced enterprises. Meanwhile, our company develops circular stacker-reclaimer, side stacker-reclaimer, gate-type stacker-reclaimer, bridge-type stacker-reclaimer, bucket-wheel stacker-reclaimer, tippler and ship loader & unloader which are widely applied to the electric power, coal chemical industry, metallurgy, mining and port. Our company makes deep technical exploration in the fields of bulk cargo system contracting, environmental protection, energy conservation, efficiency promotion and transformation according to the industry development characteristics and obtains good results. Our company has obtained 33 independent intellectual property rights of utility model patent, and has been awarded High-tech Enterprise. Our products were certified to CE and new products are provided for about 100 enterprises at home and abroad. The technological R&D, design, manufacture and installation of products take the lead in the domestic industry and keep up with the international advanced enterprises.